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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dikso Records 005 - Super Sound Single Volume 5

Ladies and gentlemen - The Dikso spring collection...

Winter is over, no more depressions, no more shitty weather. The new Dikso Super Sound Single Volume 5 is all about spring fever. Love from London, Amsterdam and Dortmund and even more love from the Dikso headquarter in Berlin.

A1 / Duff Disco - I Won't Forget

London must be a lovely place these days. Duff Disco carries along dozens of shy "Oooohs" and "Aaaahs", bouncing together with a hint of a 303 on a fluffy cloud of chords. Sounds cheesy to you? It's the spring, stupid...

DIKSO005 - A1 - Duff Disco - I Won't Forget [Snippet] by Dikso Records

A2 / We Play - The Music We Play (Mam Remix)

We Play aka WeedyLeaks aka Win Those aka Lo Galbo aka FFFFFF aka E-The-Hot aka Joxy Music aka Dani Bembibre aka webQueawry... STOPP!!! webQueawry? Yes, the guys that brought us "Searching", so so great in 2010 and now back with a worthy sequel. They teamed up with Mam from Leeds who did an awesome remix work on their track. Sounds french but is Amsterdamn hot!!!

DIKSO005 - A2 - We Play - The Music We Play (Mam Remix) [Snippet] by Dikso Records

B1 / Larse - So Much Fun

Radio gaga? Not if you listen to the right station. Einslive is one of Germany's biggest radio stations and Larse is the host of its weekly dance show called "Klubbing". "So Much Fun" fits perfect in his show - a catchy piece of Electro Funk, bubbling over with joy - just like the title implies.

DIKSO005 - B1 - Larse - So Much Fun [Snippet] by Dikso Records

B2 / Andi de Luxe - Boobsie Collins

He is the other half of Dikso. As his better known label buddy Daniel Solar is very busy these days with the final preparations for his first artist EP on Dikso, Andi seizes the opportunity to present his very own definition of a minimalistic disco-edit that builds and builds and builds...

DIKSO005 - B2 - Andi de Luxe - Boobsie Collins [Snippet] by Dikso Records

And again we got some great reactions. This is what they say...

- Tensnake: "Excellent! Dikso never do wrong. Loving this !"
- Soul Clap: "Biggin up the man dem MAM! Push that sound to infinity!"
- Trickski: "Superb package once again! My faves are Boobsie Collins (not to be mixed up with Pill Collins) and So much fun. respect!" (editor's note: "All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.")
- Craig Smith from 6th Borough Project: "Quality package , again!"
- Sleazy Beats: "Another killer package guys, heavy!"
- John Talabot: "Andi Deluxe one is my FAV for sure :) Nice job guys!!!"
- Ali Ooft: "Boobsie Collins! Great track, great name :)"
- Duff Disco: "Duff Disco sucks :)"
- Catz n Dogz: "Another amazing release!! Love u guys!"
- Pional: "Great! Really great tracks!"
- The Dead Rose Music Company: "Andi your track is fucking hot!!!!! This is so up my strasse!!"
- Alex Niggemann: "Full Suppport!!!!"
- Till von Sein: "That We Play jam is cool.. thx Boobsie jam solid as wellgood ep again!"
- Sasse: "So much fun is a great party tune - will play !!"
- Soul Minority: "Awesome EP, all tracks are really really GOOD!"
- LTJ Xperience: "Nice EP !! I will play it for sure !"
- Cottam: "Looking forward to the wax!!!!!"
- James Johnston: "Real nice mix as always! My fav track is the Duff Disco number.... Beautiful lush vibes!"
- Justin from Kolour Recordings: "Another nice release from the Dikso camp! Cheers!" and Mike W. added: "Yeah you gotta be kidding right? what another great release from the always reliable dikso imprint."
- Social Disco Club: "Jeremy's track is awsome!"
- Kiko Navarro: "Duff Disco is a nice deep trip on a slow tempo, We Play a dancefloor impact on a Daft Punk style, Larse gets into a more funky and some italo influences, and finally Andi de Luxe drops the tempo to close the ep with a brillian track. Muchas Gracias!"
- Toomy Disco: "Neverending beats! Keep doing this music from the soul!"
- Cole Medina: "Diggin the Boobsie collins track! Others are ok, interesting mix of tunes...."
- Autodeep "Yay, defo the summer release :) Fresh and funky all the way"
- Matthew Kyle aka NoRequests: "Duff Disco's "I Won't Forget" is the stand-out track for me. Will play and chart for sure."
- DJ Harri from Sub Club: "Liking all of these"
- Dicky Trisco: "You can count me in!!"
- DJ Ionik from Kojak Giant Sounds: ""I Won t Forget" is my pick, will support 100%. Keep it up."
- Sleazy McQueen: "These sound good, I'll likely play all of them."
- Huxley: "Boobsie Collins is a bomb!"
- Scope from Southwestseven: "very nice 4 track ep.. definetly something on here for everyone."
- Andy Hart from Melbourne Deepcast: "Nice release guys, Duff Disco's track is that good!"
- Cosmic Boogie: "Duffo disco does it again for me"
- D-Pulse: "congrats with new release!"
- Noodleman: "Really like all 4 tracks, but Duff's "I won't forget" is definitey my personal pick"
- John Gazoo: "Nice Rollers! Positive Vibes for Summer Time. Dig it..."
- Johann Brandes from Native Rush / 4Lux: "Dope shitlove all 4"
- Mario Aureo: "Andi de Luxe - Boobsie Collins is a bomb!"
- G. Digger from Wordandsound: "101% Pure Groove!"
- Chasing Kurt from Carry On: "So much Fun with this EP!!!!"
- Golden Fleece "Another Great package will get lots of use from all tracks."
- Delfonic from Oye Records: "Wieder mal ein sehr schönes Release auf Dikso!"
- André Langenfeld from Radio Fritz: "Ich bin mit Larse und Andi dabei"
- Feodor AllRight from AMDJS: "DIKSO005 is the one to play! Count us in the full support."
- Alex G. from House FM London: "Loving the Disko releases! Andi de Luxe is very groovy"
- SloMo Radio Glasgow: "Ace package again!"

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