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Sunday, February 14, 2010

DiKSO Edit 03 - Andi de Luxe - Süpersenf

The music you can find here at DiKSO ist mostly what they call slow motion disco. But let us show you a different side. I am sure when "Supersempfft" released their album "Roboterwerke" (Robot Factory) in 1979 nobody was sure to categorize this correctly. Discogs says "Krautrock", somebody from "The Rolling Stone" forum talked about "a parody on disco music", I would describe it as "Excentric Synth-Pop". Give'em a try you will be surprised.

Especially one track kept drawing my attention with its sweet vocoder solo: "Out Of Time". This vocoder vocal is begging for a spotlight and it was a pleasure to get my scissors out. Here is "Süpersenf"...

DiKSO Edit 03 - Andi de Luxe - Süpersenf by Andi de Luxe

Get the edit here:

Andi de Luxe - Süpersenf

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