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Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIKSO 011 - V/A - Super Sound Single Volume 8 - OUT NOW!

Dikso is back after the summer break with some new stuff for lovers and beloved. We were a hairbreadth away from our first strictly German Super Sound Single but we couldn’t resist to sign Shur-i-kan’s slowmo romeo called “In Love”. Also in Love…: Larse from Dortmund, Daniel from the Dikso headquarter here in Berlin and another "Dortmunder", Satin Jackets, who completes the hat-trick with his third achievement on Dikso.

And we got so many mails, so many nice comments... Thank you guys, we loooove you <3<3<3. Here are some of your lovely words...:
- Robert Owens: "Great group of tracks, In Love and Tonite for me"
- Craig Smith from 6th Borough Project: "All cuts dope......superior stuff ;-)"
- Doctor Dru: "Thanx, dudes for this release. Larse killse it here for me"
- Benni from Adana Twins: "Thanks for this Great EP! Will play. "
- Fred Everything: "Love the Shur-I-Kan track. Also enjoy the rest of the ep"
- Sleazybeats: "Shur-I-kan is a bit of a hero isn't he? Awesome tune"
- Daniel from Trickski: "Great dikso stuff once again! Daniel Solar delivers the one for me!"
- The Revenge: "Lovely stuff guys as usual"
- André Lodemann: "I like A1 + B1!"
- Alex Niggemann: "Nice one again! Something to break the darkness!"
- Chopstick: "All 4 tracks are damn solid! will def play all of them out.. maybe favouring in love right now but really all of them are great!"
- Huxley: "All really good records. the shur-i-khan is the one for me, but all lovely bits of music,"
- Roberto Rodriguez: "Love for this release! Once again disco quality from Dikso!"
- Raphael from Mekanism: "Great release, really get into the daniel solar groove of burning Up !"
- Matthias from Motorcitysoul: "Yeehah, new feed by the man Shur-I-Kan! ***matthias."
- Hot Since 82: "shur-I-kan for me. BIG"
- Salvatore Freda: "yeah the "In Love" track is dope ;) will buy the vinyl" [Editor's note: "Thank you for still buying vinyl, mate :-)"]
- Jef K: "yes yes yes super release! i like the 4 tracks here! will defo play ..."
- Kruse & Nürnberg: "In Love is great."
- Sasse: "Burning Up is massive !!"
- MANIK: "Dope dope dope. In Love is awesome....feeling 'Tonite' too. Nice work here."
- Dead Rose Music Company: "Ooooh I love the whole release but I think Daniel clinches it for me"
- Ali Ooft: "Quality as usual from the Dikso camp :) Really feeling the Shur-I-Kan jam and also Daniel's Burning Up too. Straight in the bag."
- Jozif: "Shur I Kan never dissapoints.. Classy shiiiit .. full support from me"
- Mike from Kolour Recordings: "Another lovely dikso release yet again .. chalked full of ace grooves. absolutely loving larse's disco-tinged burner .. makes you want to stop whatever it is you're doing and shake it. "
- Jacques Renault: "Tonite is for me, thanks guys. that burning up sample is making the rounds, and I''ll be to blame as well soon" [Editor's note: "Oops, do we have a doublet here? Sorry, there were no evil intentions"]
- Alex Flitsch from Connaisseur: "Shur-i-kan's "In Love" sounds great..."
- Cottam: "Great stuff again Dikso..... Quality throughout but my fav is the Larse track......"
- Duff Disco: "Strong release :) will be playing some of these at bestival this sunday"
- Cole Medina: "Very nice EP! digging all the tracks"
- Danny Howells: "Killer EP .. solid deep and disco, and loving Shur-I-Kan to pieces thanks!"
- Nhan Solo: "Soooooooo in love with Shur-i-kan !"
- Daniel Dexter: "Wow, love the Larse-Tune!"
- Niko Schwind: ""In Love is great"!"
- Satin Jackets: "Larse is killing it! Dortmund!"
- Noir: "Nice nudisco tracks. My fave here is Shur-i-kan"
- Johnwaynes: "Nice release ! all tracks are good, but Burning Up is the one that i most like"
- Magnier from The House Of Disco: "Burnin up has gotten me pretty dehydrated! Great release guys as always!" and added a few days later: "Im burning up all over the place"
- Dicky Trisco: "Shur-i-kan is my pick here. Great sound! Larse working too. Prefer our version of the Gayle Adams though." [Editor's note: "Oops, do we have another doublet here? Sorry, there were no evil intentions in this case, too"]
- DJ Harri from Sub Club Glasgow: "Digging all of these, excellent package"
- Waldo Faldo: "Another great "Schachzug" from the two smart guys from Dikso. Ultraphat melodic disco sounds. Massiv Beats, Crispy HiHats and loveley vocals. Why does the Studio 54 closes his doors. This record would be a "Stammgast" there. I play both sides ;-). Be fast, before sold out."

Wanna take a listen what they are talking about?

A1 / Shur-i-kan – In Love/ TT 05:28

Dikso has featured so many young and talented artists from all over the world, it was only a question of time until the veterans also want to show that they are still top notch. Welcome Shur-i-kan from London, the man who was responsible for most of the first releases on Jimpster’s Frerange label. We are really proud to have this outstanding artist on board and we are also proud of adding another entry to his impressive back catalogue on discogs.

A2 / Larse - Tonite / TT 06:24

Remember “So Much Fun” from 2011’s Super Sound Single Vol. 5? This one got so rare in the meantime, even on discogs has not been a single item for sale in the last months This time he is hitting us up with his new boogie funk monster “Tonite”. Watch out, there is a lot of more stuff from him to come by the end of this year…

B1 / Daniel Solar – Burning Up / TT 06:23

Mr. Dikso himself is burning it up. Combining an early eighties funk track with some warm house piano vibes will set the girls on fire. And no, this one is not only for the pyromaniacs among you…

B2 / Satin Jackets feat. Linda Mathews – Never Say Never / TT 08:27

Woohoo, he is back even one more time, and he is still not alone. Together with Linda Mathews, Satin Jackets brings us once again a brilliant piece of dance music, inspired by the seventies and engineered in the present. Maybe this is one of the candidates for an edit in 2035…

Do you like what you see? Then hurry up and grab a copy at...

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