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Friday, June 25, 2010

DiKSO Edit 08 - NoRequests - She Wants Everything

Uh huh huh... Oh...oh... Uh huh huh... Doo doo doo... La la la la...

Ad libs, this edit is all about the ad libs. Forget the rest of the lyrics, they weren't true anyway. Even if he tells us about drifting apart from a woman: Dear George, we all know by now there weren't any girls. And if so, you know why it didn't work for you. Okay, in 84 I wouldn't have come out of the closet, too. You're excused ;-)

But let us talk about music instead of trivial tittle-tattle. Do you remember your first Wham!? George & Andrew used to be those slick poster boys, whose music was always there but came second. It took me years to realize how awesome their music is. A few weeks ago for example, I recovered "Young Guns", an early Wham! single from 1982, played by the Horse Meat Disco guys on their regular night here in Berlin. Wow, In fact Wham! were one of the first commercial rap acts. Another example is "Everything She Wants" that had to be remixed by Todd Terry in 1997 to attract my attention. In fact it was one of those assembly-line-like remix productions that definitely failed the original. Not so in this case, we are really proud to present this wonderful work by mister Matthew McDonald aka NoRequests from NYC, a rework that elaborates the important parts and chanced the original pop sound into a relaxed groover that fits in a sleazy disco peak time as well as a warm up house set.

She Wants Everything by NoRequests

Argh, sorry, I have to come back to the message of this song once again. If you listen carefully you will recognize that NoRequests left only a few of the original lyrics. George's original lyrics were full of questions about "him vs. her", Matthew just kept the definite answer to all these problems:

Uh huh huh... Oh...oh... Uh huh huh... Doo doo doo... La la la la...

Word Matthew, wise man, you are!

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Friday, June 18, 2010

DiKSO Podcast 05 - NoRequests

Aaaah, what a summer. Okay, the weather is still springy, but the soccer world cup brought the first german walkovers and after some really nice open air parties here in Berlin I am on my way to start the festival season. Lying in the grass, drinking a lukewarm beer and listening to some relaxing music... and writing these words to you.

It's time for DiKSO podcast number five and what we have is something very, very special right from the big apple New York. I am so so proud to present you a wonderful mix from soundcloud's sleazy disco superstar NoRequests featuring a lot of unreleased and absolute top secret dikso... sorry, disco edits and some dubby slowmo house tracks.

DiKSO Podcast 05 - NoRequests from DiKSO at Letsmix.com

DiKSO Podcast 05 - NoRequests from DiKSO at Letsmix.com.

So, listen to my advice: haunt an open countryside of your own choice, lie down in the grass, open a well tempered bottle of whiskey, beer or any other drink you like, put on your headphones and listen to these 73 minutes of acoustic spa. Alternatively dance like no one's watching, have a long walk at a near beach or cuddle your cat. This podcast is thee soundtrack for all of this. Have fun and take care ;-)

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...and don't forget to visit NoRequests on soundcloud