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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

DIKSO 015 - Daniel Solar - Grassroots EP

Solar activity on Dikso. Label boss Daniel Solar returns with a new EP and some helping hands from Stee Downes on the mic, Florian Kruse and Nils Nuernberg with the mixer and Berlin homie Mario Aureo on the composition. The tracks are ranging from disco to house, from mild to wild and should keep the audience from start to finish.

A1 - Daniel Solar - Someday / TT 06:48

Someday... somehow... it feels good! Does it point the direction to the promised land? Or is it just the hope for a better sexual experience? Send a mail to Doctor Solar. Meanwhile have fun on the floor with this peak time piano driver.

A2 - Daniel Solar - Someday (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix) / TT 07:50

Pimp my car, pimp my track... More beats, more piano, more more. Try this for hot & spicy or go back to Daniel's version for the original taste.

B1 - Daniel Solar & Mario Aureo - I Do Believe (feat. Stee Downes) / TT 07:00

This is the voice of planet... Stee Downes. Dikso couldn't resist and asked him to join them on stage. Together with longtime production partner Mario Aureo he completes a new dream team and with "I Do Believe" they couldn't have started better.

B2 - Daniel Solar - Cookie Dough / TT 06:25

And what are we having for dessert? A disco-infected mid-tempo groover called cookie dough? Thank god you can dance the calories off with it.

DIGITAL BONUS - Daniel Solar & Mario Aureo - I Do Believe feat. Stee Downes (Mario Aureo Stripped Down Version) / TT 06:58

Stripping it down with Mario Aureo. A lesson in reducing a track gently to the max. Mario, you bad boy...

Grab your copy...

EXCLUSIVE PRE-SALE @ Oye Records, Berlin / NOW ON STOCK!!!

EXCLUSIVE PRE-SALE @ Juno Download / starting 11th November 2013

Sunday, September 1, 2013

DIKSO 014 - VA -Super Sound Single Vol. 9

Welcome to the first Super Sound Single in 2013 with four new Dikso summer anthems for your hearts and bums. Featuring Matt Meler from down under with Kathy Diamond on the mic, Roberto and Remco from Maastricht on the piano, electronic disco band E.B.O from Madrid on stage and last but not least Jay West on the filter bank. 

1 / Matt Meler feat. Kathy Diamond -- Rhythm Of A Miracle / TT 05:57
Future disco anthem for your beach session 2013, Kathy Diamond's voice on top of a slow but driving electronic disco production. Promising combination, hope to hear more from them soon.

2 / Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul -- Harmonic Flower / TT 08:40 
They are back on Dikso. After their Faith EP they are now on a Dikso vinyl for the first time. Piano alert with huge reactions when the Dikso boys tested it in their sets over the last months.

3 / E.B.O -- Still Running (My Heart) / TT 06:10 
E.B.O from Madrid is another new name on Dikso and they bring their interpretation of what Inner City left over some decades ago. But it's not just a retro thing, they combine a Detroit history with an abstract kind of disco and a live approach. E.B.O, the stage is yours...

4 / Jay West -- So Right / TT 06:57
Jay West in top form! Wonderful disco mover that grows and grows and grows. Moody like a sunset over a dune, tasty as a bottle of red wine but also dirty as... stop, create your own fantasies...

5 / E.B.O - Still Running (Craig Hamilton Remix) / TT 07:18

6 / Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul - Fairy Tale / TT 06:33

Buy this release:

Vinyl @ decks.de
Vinyl @ Juno.co.uk
Vinyl @ Oye Records

Digital @ Beatport.com
Digital @ Traxsource.com
Digital @ Junodownload.com

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DIKSOF 013 - Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul - Faith EP Remixes

Such a beauty of a remix package… featuring Hannes Fischer and Marc Poppcke from Berlin and LeSale from Vienna.
Return of the faith… Three remixes, especially made for the forthcoming open air season. So, open your heart as wide as possible, drink a bottle of good wine and give some love to the one(s) next to you.

01 / Faith (LeSale Remix) / TT 06:51
The first remix comes from Vienna’s finest export at the moment: LeSale. After great releases on Luv Shack Records and even bigger remixes for Megadon Betamax and Volta Cab we didn’t expect anything less. But listen for yourself. Goosebumps galore…

02 / Faith (Hannes Fischer Remix) / TT 07:00
Up next is the master of pop minimalism: Hannes Fischer. His underground edits of Röyksopp, Adele and others gained a lot of clicks and fame. The Adele edit had almost 200k of plays on Soundcloud… Wow! No wonder that even Lana Del Rey asked for a remix treatment on her “Summertime Madness” single release and Alex Barck from Jazzanova signed him right away to the Sonar Kollektiv roster. Fortunately we were early enough to ask him for a remix before we had to close our number account in Switzerland to afford his work.

03 / Walk On Us (Marc Poppcke Remix) / TT 07:30
What a pleasure to have our good friend and musical companion Marc Poppcke on board. He shows us how to go mad when a party has already moved outside the club and inside the hearts of all these jerking bodies that still can’t stop and totally forgot to go home. Abstract disco for advanced dancefloors.

Support by:
Adana Twins, Animal Trainer, Giom, Sleaty McQueen, Dabonair, Wildkats, Jay West, Madmotor Miquel, Satin Jackets, Raxon, Roberto Rodriguez, Cocolores, Fabo, Viadrina, Miguel Puente, Mousse T., Johnwaynes, Oliver Schories, Nhan Solo, Betoko, Tensnake, Shir Khan, Alex Niggemann, Dead Rose Music Company, Soul Minority, Kruse&Nürnberg, Leftside Wobble, and many more...


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DIKSO 012 - Larse - GT EP (incl. Adana Twins Remix)

Yes, he is back!

Larse, who brought us “So Much Fun” and “Tonite”, two of the most wanted tracks on Dikso so far, returns with a complete EP full of discoloaden House and house driven Disco. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, this is the GT EP.

At this point, we want to thank Adana Twins and the Kruse & Nürnberg boys for their breathtaking remix work that made “Hot” hotter than hot...

And it got already some nice feedback and support from Sleazybeats, Exploited's Shir Khan, Trickski, Till von Sein, Roberto Rodriguez, Joyce Muniz, LTJ Xperience, Doctor Dru, Wildkats, LeSale, the boys from Kolour Recordings, Dicky Trisco and many many more. Thank you guys and girls, we love you all...

A1 / Dynamic Duo / TT 06:18

Disco house with muscles… Yes, this track is all about muscles. But not like Hulk or Arnold. Indeed… beefy, but still gracile. Like Bruce and Robin, the dynamic duo, just spandex superheroes.

A2 / Love Is The Answer / TT 07:15

More muscles and more love. Stringloaden and hopelessly cheesy. But with muscles, disco house with muscles. Oh, we had that before…

B1 / Hot (Adana Twins Twistin’ Bassline Remix) / TT 06:18

Three letters… H-O-T! Pure porn! Adana Twins were putting this through the mill, destiled and extracted the core elements with so much efficiency that “Hot” is not just a word, not just the title anymore. It IS hot!

B2 / Hot / TT 06:03

When Adana Twins are the climax, Larse’ original version is foreplay and afterplay into one. And as you may know… After the game is before the game. OK, Sepp meant something totally different.

Digital bonus track / Lay It / TT 06:06

Now that we have talked about love and hotness, GT cars and spandex, climax and afterplay, let’s stick to this. Lay It is the perfect track after all that bed work out. Relaxing, moody and giving you appetite for the next round.

Vinyl stores:

Juno Records
Phonica Records
Piccadilly Records
Oye Records Berlin
Decks Records

Digital stores:


Monday, April 8, 2013

DiKSO Podcast 15 - Daniel Solar

Kids, it's podcast time!

Long time no see Mr. Solar. Daniel has been so busy with secret things for the even more secret Dikso underground organization that there was no time for a new mix. But here it is, 60 minutes of joy and happiness. Have fun...

 D O W N L O A D this mix here...

Monday, February 11, 2013

DiKSO Podcast 14 - Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul

Busy as a bee those dutchmen... If you wanna see how the tracks from their "Faith EP" they recently released on Dikso fit in a set should listen to this. 60 minutes of mind & soul massage for those who can't stand that shitty winter anymore. And if you are in the lucky situation that you live in the southern hemisphere, this may be the soundtrack for your beach BBQ.

DiKSO Podcast 14 - Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul by Dikso Records on Mixcloud

Feel free to download DiKSO podcast number 14 HERE...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIKSOF 011 - Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul - Faith EP

This is the first EP in a row of new Dikso EPs coming up in 2013. Later on this year, a remix EP with still top secret remixes is about to follow.

January is an exciting month, isn’t it? When I am writing these words the January transfer window in European football is still open… but I don’t want to bore you with off-topic details because the most important transfer in 2013 has already wrapped up: Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul signed to Dikso. Not a multi-million-dollar-deal as seen on Sky Sports but wait to see them in action.

Here we have their first release, a real beauty of an EP. Three tracks just made to tease out your first spring fever feelings. Let your love go…

01 / Faith / TT 07:53

An ode to love and friendship and a beast of an earworm. If you don’t have to smile at this track you are ice cold. I said “Ice cold”… or one of those serious rap guys. Don’t be a serious rap guy. They really don’t know what they are missing in their life…

02 / Terra Cutter / TT 07:16

Starting as a soulful groover “Terra Cutter” develops to a deep and arresting trip for your heart and your hips. Just see for yourself what undogmatic deep house can be these days.

03 / Walk On Us / TT 07:13

This could have been Norwegian, or from the south sea, or just from a dancefloor near you. Take a raw bass and some of these fluffy piano chords that make the balearic sound sounding so… balearic. My favourite track on this EP. Unfortunately we don’t have a B2 position to offer.

You can catch these beauties at all digital stores. Sorry digital only this time...