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Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday, May 21, 2010

DiKSO Podcast 04 - Andi de Luxe

Wow, let me take a short break to review the past months. We are online for less than half a year but the feedback is amazing. Thanks for all the nice words and the interesting people we got in touch with. I am sure that all these new options will let us lead this DiKSO thing in a complete new direction, we will keep you updated.

DiKSO Podcast 04 - Andi de Luxe from DiKSO at Letsmix.com

DiKSO Podcast 04 - Andi de Luxe from DiKSO at Letsmix.com.

Podcast number four comes with a lot of promising talents from the world of disco edits. Less big names but a lot of interesting music has been mixed up to a relaxed and aphrodisiac cocktail that leads us to the summer and its countless activities in the sun. We are so so looking forward to all these open air parties here in Berlin where we will spread love and lovely music.

Open your heart, your ass will follow...


6th Borough Project - Slow Down Baby
No Requests & Maggie Flood aka mmmf. - For Loves Sake
Rayko - Liberation
Michael McDonald - I Keep Forgettin' (AC Re-Edit)
Marcos Cabral and Shux - Lifetime Groove
Andi de Luxe - Let Me Love You (Andi's DiKSO Edit)
Lovefinger - Mexico (Lovefinger's Barrio Edit)
Daniel Solar - Fake It
Lace - Can't Play Around (Munga Can't Edit Around Mix)
André Capado - Can I Take You Home (André's DiKSO Edit)
Indeep - The Record Keeps Spinning (No Dice Edit)
Golden Fleece - Our Kid
Crazy P - You Wanna Do
Bad Rabbits - She's Bad (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap Remix)

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Thursday, May 6, 2010

DiKSO Edit 07 - Andi de Luxe - Let Me Love You

After Arsenii did a great job for the b-boys, edit number 7 is for the ladies. Expect some soulful vocals over a fluffy groove carpet that will make the girls ask for more...

Pimped up for the dancefloor with some added beats and a few more bpms but still enough soul to please the girls. Originally released in 1982 it was the first and the last release on the New Yorican "Up Right Records" label. The excellent first choice label re-released it in 2009 but it's still so so rare.

DiKSO Edit 07 - Andi de Luxe - Let Me Love You by DiKSO Edits