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Monday, December 5, 2011

DiKSO Podcast 10 - André Langenfeld - The Gretchen Mikso

1979 - Video Killed The Radio Star. Radio programmes are for senior citizens, the future is music television.

2011 - Music television is just a shadow of it's former self. In Germany MTV turned pay TV and its sister Viva exchanged the music videos with daily soaps and other stuff for general pubescent interest. Radio Killed The Video Star?

I know wide areas in Germany where you can scrap your radio, nobody needs this boring Top 40 shit or "the best of 80s, 90s and from today". I hope that the people of my hometown Berlin can estimate the value of their high quality variety of different radio stations they have. One of these stations is "Fritz". And one of their hosts is André Langenfeld.

Starting his radio career right after the fall of the wall with a hip hop show on DT64, the legendary legacy of GDR youth radio, you can hear him now on Berlin's Radio Fritz with his 'Nightflight' show that features an intersting and wide range from nu-disco to house, from dubstep to electo. new stuff as well as classic stuff. Every friday night (to saturday) from 0:00 to 5:00 AM or for the following 7 days on: http://fritz.kunden.nc3.de/fritz.samstag.1.pls

Here we have DiKSO podcast #10 and it's a re-recording of a mix André played at the opening night of a new club in the heart of Kreuzberg called "Gretchen".

Nightflight w/ André Langenfeld
André Langenfeld