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Monday, May 7, 2012

DIKSO 010 - V/A - Super Sound Single Volume 7

This is number 10 - how time flies when you're having fun. But this is not the right time to get sentimental because there are four great new tracks for you. Ultrafunkular House from Detroit, ah no... from the land of the rising sun... ah, wrong again... it's from Berlin. And we have label head Daniel Solar collaborating with Huxley, one of UK's definite talents in deeper House. Not to forget Balcazar & Sordo, the intercontinental contribution from Mexico and Satin Jackets. He is about to return to Dikso. Could you celebrate a 10th record more impressive?

A1 / Nhan Solo - Supervisor / TT 05:52

Wow, isn't it one of these million dollar Detroit house classics from discogs? No, it is not and no, it didn't sample such. Nhan Solo an up-and-coming talent from the land of the rising sun created a funky slam dunk for the disco dancefloor with at least one woman on it, stand back and watch them come. This is definitely the supervisor... synthesizer... vitalizer... womanizer... what did he say? Doesn't matter - all that matters is that pure organic bassline groove which drives you on and on....!

A2 / Huxley & Daniel Solar feat. Miss Bee – Dancing With Your Heart / TT 06:43

Label commander Solar and chief officer Huxley from Tsuba and 20:20 Vision bring you something from outer space: Miss Bee. Her voice is so shy and fragile... when she is asking for the next dance you cannot refuse her, especially when she wants your heart. So open it up wide and let all this spring fever in. Green trees, colourful flowers, the happy sound of playing children... Oh my god, this is true, it's springtime. Hopefully it is not a programme on the holodeck, this must be real.

B1 / Balcazar & Sordo – Stay With Me / TT 07:31

Here we have some relaxed mexican vibe: Balcazar & Sordo, well known from No.19 Music and Dirt Crew with a track like a summer breeze, creating a nice and lovely atmosphere with a so so beautiful pianob and voices that are sounding like the Sirens from the Odyssey. OK, I have never heard the Sirens before, but I bet they sound like this.

B2 / Satin Jackets feat. Natalie Conway – One More Chance / TT 08:10

Woohoo, he is back, and he is not alone. Together with Natalie Conway, Satin Jackets beams us right back into that time most of us takes all our inspiration from. But this not an edit, this is fucking real, this is real music. We are really, really proud to have them on board. Watch out, there's more to come...

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