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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

DiKSO Podcast 07 - The Francis Inferno Orchestra

DiKSO readers know him already, a very young talent from Australia, Griffin James aka The Francis Inferno Orchestra (sorry Grif for holding back the "the" in the past, we promise to improve...)

When disco music was on its peak he wasn't even born and if we start to talk about the roots of funk and soul music even his father might not have experienced this live and for real. But obviously something in classic dance music attracts a lot of young guys (and gals) these days. Maybe it's a backlash to the last years of dry minimalism or just the search for the history of contemporary dance music and the attempt to connect all these musical threads we pick up everyday from the web. It never was easier...

But back to FIO. "So Divine" from our first Dikso Records shows in a perfect way how to edit an electronic disco track from the early 80s in a way that creates uplifting house music without adding annoying beats or lifting up the tempo to necessarily fit in a commercial tië5to-esque playlist. But The Francis Inferno Orchstra is not only about that disco edit thing. In fact it's about slowed down house music that creates its deepness with funk and rhythm and not these endless and uniform string arrangements they want to sell us as "deep house" all the time.

We are so so proud of DiKSO podcast number seven, compiled and mixed by this young australian guy, welcome The Francis Inferno Orchestra...

DiKSO Podcast 07 - The Francis Inferno Orchestra from DiKSO at Letsmix.com

DiKSO Podcast 07 - The Francis Inferno Orchestra from DiKSO at Letsmix.com.

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and don't forget to follow him on soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/fio

Monday, September 13, 2010

DiKSO Edit 10 - Golden Fleece - Our Kid

TEN, TEN, TEN...! Count count (or "Graf Zahl" for our German readers) would have had fun with it. It's edit number ten and it doesn't come from Transylvania but from Australia, welcome Golden Fleece. By the way, Australia must be a real disco nation. There are so many promising "Nu Disco" talents from there, like Tornado Wallace or The Francis Inferno Orchestra we featured on our first Dikso Records release in August. Golden Fleece is another one.

He brings us a reinterpretation of an 80's funk classic: "K.I.D. - Don't Stop". When I wrote the first version of this text, I tried to focus on Italo Funk, the bitchy sister of Italo Disco. Together with acts like Ago, Asso or Kano, K.I.D. represented a modern and electronic form of funk music in the early eighties. But then I realised that Geoff Bastow, the man behind all this, isn't Italian at all. He was born in the UK and later moved to Germany. Working together with Giorgio Moroder and Frank Farian perfectly fitted in this disco and italo context. But he also produced a lot of German "Schlager" (is there an english word for this?) and even contributed a song for the "Eurovision Song Contest" in 1985. He died in 2007 at the young age of 57... R.I.P.

This is the original...

Back to Golden Fleece... He reduced the vocals, removed the refrain and developed beats and bass instead, a classic edit without adding any BPMs or massive new beats, it sounds so much more powerful and caused a lot of damage on nearly every dancefloor I hit with this track. Expect a respectful evolution in sound.

...and this is the edit:

DiKSO Edit 10 - Golden Fleece - Our Kid by DiKSO Edits

follow him... http://soundcloud.com/golden-fleece

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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Sa., 04.09.2010 - DiKSO #4 @ Kleine Reise, Berlin Xberg

DIKSO - Sa., 04. September 2010

FREIER Eintritt bis 24h (danach schmale € 5,-)

Marc Poppcke (Soulfooled, Freerange, Stir-15)
Daniel Solar (Dikso, Sleazy Beats, No More Hits)
Andi de Luxe (Dikso, Urbantorque, Mezzomatic)

Was wer wie...:

Dikso feiert! Das erstes Vinyl steht in den Läden (und in diversen Charts) und in den nächsten Tagen wird der 10. DiKSO Edit online gehen. OK, wer braucht schon einen Anlass für rauschende Ballnächte und willenlose Trinkspiele...

Kein geringerer Club als die "Kleine Reise" in Kreuzberg überlässt uns für dieses Vorhaben seine heiligen Hallen. Mit dabei auch Marc Poppcke, der an der Entstehung von Dikso nicht ganz unbeteiligt war und als musikalischer Berater und Freund des Hauses sowieso bei keiner Party fehlen darf. Mädels, es darf getanzt werden...

...und wo:

Kleine Reise, Spreewaldplatz 8, 10999 Berlin - Kreuzberg



DiKSO celebrates itself... The first DiKSO vinyl has hit the shops (and some charts...) and we are awaiting the 10th DiKSO edit. Watch out for some Italo Post Funk madness from downunder. Okay, who needs any reason to rock out... ;-)

"Kleine Reise" in Kreuzberg offered us their mighty place for this event, a place where acts like Soulphiction, Ali Ooft, Trickski, Tornado Wallace and even Pilooski (only to mention a very, very few...) played one after another. This is definitly an honour for us. Thanks mates!