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Thursday, September 27, 2012

DIKSO 011 - V/A - Super Sound Single Volume 8 - OUT NOW!

Dikso is back after the summer break with some new stuff for lovers and beloved. We were a hairbreadth away from our first strictly German Super Sound Single but we couldn’t resist to sign Shur-i-kan’s slowmo romeo called “In Love”. Also in Love…: Larse from Dortmund, Daniel from the Dikso headquarter here in Berlin and another "Dortmunder", Satin Jackets, who completes the hat-trick with his third achievement on Dikso.

And we got so many mails, so many nice comments... Thank you guys, we loooove you <3<3<3. Here are some of your lovely words...:
- Robert Owens: "Great group of tracks, In Love and Tonite for me"
- Craig Smith from 6th Borough Project: "All cuts dope......superior stuff ;-)"
- Doctor Dru: "Thanx, dudes for this release. Larse killse it here for me"
- Benni from Adana Twins: "Thanks for this Great EP! Will play. "
- Fred Everything: "Love the Shur-I-Kan track. Also enjoy the rest of the ep"
- Sleazybeats: "Shur-I-kan is a bit of a hero isn't he? Awesome tune"
- Daniel from Trickski: "Great dikso stuff once again! Daniel Solar delivers the one for me!"
- The Revenge: "Lovely stuff guys as usual"
- André Lodemann: "I like A1 + B1!"
- Alex Niggemann: "Nice one again! Something to break the darkness!"
- Chopstick: "All 4 tracks are damn solid! will def play all of them out.. maybe favouring in love right now but really all of them are great!"
- Huxley: "All really good records. the shur-i-khan is the one for me, but all lovely bits of music,"
- Roberto Rodriguez: "Love for this release! Once again disco quality from Dikso!"
- Raphael from Mekanism: "Great release, really get into the daniel solar groove of burning Up !"
- Matthias from Motorcitysoul: "Yeehah, new feed by the man Shur-I-Kan! ***matthias."
- Hot Since 82: "shur-I-kan for me. BIG"
- Salvatore Freda: "yeah the "In Love" track is dope ;) will buy the vinyl" [Editor's note: "Thank you for still buying vinyl, mate :-)"]
- Jef K: "yes yes yes super release! i like the 4 tracks here! will defo play ..."
- Kruse & Nürnberg: "In Love is great."
- Sasse: "Burning Up is massive !!"
- MANIK: "Dope dope dope. In Love is awesome....feeling 'Tonite' too. Nice work here."
- Dead Rose Music Company: "Ooooh I love the whole release but I think Daniel clinches it for me"
- Ali Ooft: "Quality as usual from the Dikso camp :) Really feeling the Shur-I-Kan jam and also Daniel's Burning Up too. Straight in the bag."
- Jozif: "Shur I Kan never dissapoints.. Classy shiiiit .. full support from me"
- Mike from Kolour Recordings: "Another lovely dikso release yet again .. chalked full of ace grooves. absolutely loving larse's disco-tinged burner .. makes you want to stop whatever it is you're doing and shake it. "
- Jacques Renault: "Tonite is for me, thanks guys. that burning up sample is making the rounds, and I''ll be to blame as well soon" [Editor's note: "Oops, do we have a doublet here? Sorry, there were no evil intentions"]
- Alex Flitsch from Connaisseur: "Shur-i-kan's "In Love" sounds great..."
- Cottam: "Great stuff again Dikso..... Quality throughout but my fav is the Larse track......"
- Duff Disco: "Strong release :) will be playing some of these at bestival this sunday"
- Cole Medina: "Very nice EP! digging all the tracks"
- Danny Howells: "Killer EP .. solid deep and disco, and loving Shur-I-Kan to pieces thanks!"
- Nhan Solo: "Soooooooo in love with Shur-i-kan !"
- Daniel Dexter: "Wow, love the Larse-Tune!"
- Niko Schwind: ""In Love is great"!"
- Satin Jackets: "Larse is killing it! Dortmund!"
- Noir: "Nice nudisco tracks. My fave here is Shur-i-kan"
- Johnwaynes: "Nice release ! all tracks are good, but Burning Up is the one that i most like"
- Magnier from The House Of Disco: "Burnin up has gotten me pretty dehydrated! Great release guys as always!" and added a few days later: "Im burning up all over the place"
- Dicky Trisco: "Shur-i-kan is my pick here. Great sound! Larse working too. Prefer our version of the Gayle Adams though." [Editor's note: "Oops, do we have another doublet here? Sorry, there were no evil intentions in this case, too"]
- DJ Harri from Sub Club Glasgow: "Digging all of these, excellent package"
- Waldo Faldo: "Another great "Schachzug" from the two smart guys from Dikso. Ultraphat melodic disco sounds. Massiv Beats, Crispy HiHats and loveley vocals. Why does the Studio 54 closes his doors. This record would be a "Stammgast" there. I play both sides ;-). Be fast, before sold out."

Wanna take a listen what they are talking about?

A1 / Shur-i-kan – In Love/ TT 05:28

Dikso has featured so many young and talented artists from all over the world, it was only a question of time until the veterans also want to show that they are still top notch. Welcome Shur-i-kan from London, the man who was responsible for most of the first releases on Jimpster’s Frerange label. We are really proud to have this outstanding artist on board and we are also proud of adding another entry to his impressive back catalogue on discogs.

A2 / Larse - Tonite / TT 06:24

Remember “So Much Fun” from 2011’s Super Sound Single Vol. 5? This one got so rare in the meantime, even on discogs has not been a single item for sale in the last months This time he is hitting us up with his new boogie funk monster “Tonite”. Watch out, there is a lot of more stuff from him to come by the end of this year…

B1 / Daniel Solar – Burning Up / TT 06:23

Mr. Dikso himself is burning it up. Combining an early eighties funk track with some warm house piano vibes will set the girls on fire. And no, this one is not only for the pyromaniacs among you…

B2 / Satin Jackets feat. Linda Mathews – Never Say Never / TT 08:27

Woohoo, he is back even one more time, and he is still not alone. Together with Linda Mathews, Satin Jackets brings us once again a brilliant piece of dance music, inspired by the seventies and engineered in the present. Maybe this is one of the candidates for an edit in 2035…

Do you like what you see? Then hurry up and grab a copy at...

Juno Records
Piccadilly Records
Phonica Records
Oye Records Berlin


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

DiKSO Podcast 13 - Magnier [House Of Disco]

Just another Summer Of Love...

As you may have noticed already, we at Dikso headquarters are totally in love with The House Of Disco, David Magnier's label for the future in house and disco. To fill the summer with some love Dikso and The House Of Disco created a label-mash-up-compilation called House Of Dikso that topped the charts at Junodownload and was also pretty successful on all the other platforms like Beatport and Traxsource. But this was not their first collaboration, Daniel and Andi's disco house roller "Seventh" was also released under the House Of Disco banner and can still be found in Beatport's Nu-Disco top 100 (for almost 2 months and counting...).

Now, here is the return visit: Magnier on Dikso. Have fun with 60 minutes of pure bliss he sent over the channel to Berlin, and now from Berlin right into your hearts. Tracklisting is still shut away, only MI5 knows!


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

HODDIK1 - House Of Dikso Compilation - OUT NOW!

What happens when two of the freshest labels join forces........this, the "House of Dikso". While so many labels chose to compete and run parallel to each other the boys over at Dikso and House of Disco Records have decided to bridge the gap and work together to bring us 12 of the best tracks they can get their mits on. Rammed full of emerging talent and established producers 'House of Dikso', the first in a series of label collaborations, aims to showcase sounds from the spectrum of disco and house, remaining ever optimistic and uplifting. Initially a digital release the 4 most popular tracks will then be pressed onto a limited edition vinyl. If the history of these two labels is anything to go by this will have more gems on it then Lady Gaga's bra. 

available at...


01 / Finnebassen - Bleedin Out / TT 7:12

Norways rising star has been making waves with his 2 latest releases, one of which topped beatports charts for weeks. His style is pure atmosphere and almost eerie in nature, Bleedin Out reinforces his sound. This track is stripped down to essential elements leaving the vocals to stand out and the bassline to ripple through your sensibilities.


02 / Nhan Solo – Hey Girl! / TT 6:32

Recently providing tracks to Hamburg's 'DIYnamic' label and Dikso has propelled Nhan Solo into to path of many house-heads. This offering is a more low slung affair, sultry and loaded with spadefuls of 70's porno sleaze this one should make it into your sex mix.


03 / Luminodisco - Dreaming Siam / TT 6:58

Having previously released on House of Disco Records Luminodisco's adept production skills have already been established. This time around he's given us a meaty, woozy, charming track that rolls over and over, developing more personality with every revolution. Its dense sound punctuated by key changes and a tonal but addictive vocal sample.


04 / Daniel Solar – Hush / TT 6:19

Fresh off the back of a release on Instruments of Rapture, Daniel Solar's track 'Hush' is a moody pulsing house excursion. Twirling vocals and a muscular bassline and kick give this track a hypnosis and drive that is testament to his production skill and detriment to you remaining sitting down.


05 / Monitor 66 – Masséna / TT 4:56

House of Disco's latest find Monitor 66, hailing from Sweden, make sunset inspired music. This melodic laid-back track will make sunset last a lot longer than it should. The arrangement of this track makes it a standout soundtrack to your summer. Using a popular vocal from the 90's to tease your memory, can you guess what it is?


06 / Andrea Britton & Alexander Roggendorf - Not Before I See You First (Andi de Luxe Remix) / TT 6:59

This remix by the other half of the Dikso duo injects some gloss into the compilation with some saturated sunny notes. A poppy vocal is the catalyst for the feel of this track. Its is the kind of thing that goes well with sand, soundsystems and sunglasses.


07 / Alex Niggemann & Daniel Solar feat. Natalie Claude - Moments / TT 6:11

Having just released his album Alex Niggemann has teamed up with Dikso bossman Daniel Solar and honey voiced Natalie Claude to deliver an uptempo but classy bomb with soul. With a grounded warm vocal and spacey synths you find yourself suspended in mid-air somewhere between the two, with a smile on your face.


08 / Tesla Boy - In Your Eyes (Satin Jackets Remix) / TT 8:29

Russia's Tesla Boy and Satin Jackets seems like a perfect match. This epic track provokes a real emotional response, Tesla Boys vocals lend themselves perfectly to Satin Jackets detailed production style to create something that can make a grown man leak a sneaky tear.


09 / Unsui – Anata / TT4:22

Emerging talent Unsui creates a vintage but lush soundscape of contemplation house. An insanely catchy groove is pierced by a synth that's straight out of Blade Runner. Not in a rush this tracks confidence and dynamics clear your head while at the same time making your hairs stand on end.


10 / Dublin Aunts - Near Me Now / TT 6:13

Melbourne based duo Dublin Aunts are on the rise. 'Near me now' is a boogie infused house stomper. Strong Hi-Hats and a hooky bassline proves that you don't need to over complicate a track, quality over quantity. Uplifting synths and 'that vocal' will you you boogieing into the early hours.


11 / Satin Jackets - I Like To Watch You Sleep / TT 9:18

Being the only artists to release on both House of Disco and Dikso Satin Jackets is one artist that simply had to be involved in this compilation. All of his tracks are impossibly warm, forging a smile on the most stringent of faces. 'I like to watch you sleep' is a lullaby of optimism and charm.


12 / Volta Cab - What It Feels Like / TT 3:32

“Prolific” doesn't even come close to describing Volta Cab's output. He takes a break from his harder, throwback house productions to woo us with 'What if feels like'. This track is all about atmosphere, it replicates the moment before you lean in to kiss someone special for the first time. So pucker up.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

DiKSO Podcast 12 - Damian Uzabiaga

Dikso all over the world...

With podcast number nine we presented a young talent from Greece that Marc Poppcke met at one of his gigs. A super nice guy with a wonderful taste in music and style.

This time it is Daniel who brings us another guy he met at the other side of the globe, Damian Uzabiaga from Playa del Carmen, Mexico. After mexican dream team Balcazar & Sordo delivered our personal summer anthem on the latest edition of "Super Sound Singles", here is the next one from the land of cacti and tequila. Like Balcazar & Sordo, Damian represents a new generation in central american house... Hold it! We now all these different styles of US american house and some latin flavoured stuff that can be roughly assigned to south america. But central america, mexican house music? OK, maybe it's time for a new chapter in house music, welcome to the house of maya...

More info...: http://soundcloud.com/damian-uzabiaga

D O W N L O A D this mix here

Monday, May 7, 2012

DIKSO 010 - V/A - Super Sound Single Volume 7

This is number 10 - how time flies when you're having fun. But this is not the right time to get sentimental because there are four great new tracks for you. Ultrafunkular House from Detroit, ah no... from the land of the rising sun... ah, wrong again... it's from Berlin. And we have label head Daniel Solar collaborating with Huxley, one of UK's definite talents in deeper House. Not to forget Balcazar & Sordo, the intercontinental contribution from Mexico and Satin Jackets. He is about to return to Dikso. Could you celebrate a 10th record more impressive?

A1 / Nhan Solo - Supervisor / TT 05:52

Wow, isn't it one of these million dollar Detroit house classics from discogs? No, it is not and no, it didn't sample such. Nhan Solo an up-and-coming talent from the land of the rising sun created a funky slam dunk for the disco dancefloor with at least one woman on it, stand back and watch them come. This is definitely the supervisor... synthesizer... vitalizer... womanizer... what did he say? Doesn't matter - all that matters is that pure organic bassline groove which drives you on and on....!

A2 / Huxley & Daniel Solar feat. Miss Bee – Dancing With Your Heart / TT 06:43

Label commander Solar and chief officer Huxley from Tsuba and 20:20 Vision bring you something from outer space: Miss Bee. Her voice is so shy and fragile... when she is asking for the next dance you cannot refuse her, especially when she wants your heart. So open it up wide and let all this spring fever in. Green trees, colourful flowers, the happy sound of playing children... Oh my god, this is true, it's springtime. Hopefully it is not a programme on the holodeck, this must be real.

B1 / Balcazar & Sordo – Stay With Me / TT 07:31

Here we have some relaxed mexican vibe: Balcazar & Sordo, well known from No.19 Music and Dirt Crew with a track like a summer breeze, creating a nice and lovely atmosphere with a so so beautiful pianob and voices that are sounding like the Sirens from the Odyssey. OK, I have never heard the Sirens before, but I bet they sound like this.

B2 / Satin Jackets feat. Natalie Conway – One More Chance / TT 08:10

Woohoo, he is back, and he is not alone. Together with Natalie Conway, Satin Jackets beams us right back into that time most of us takes all our inspiration from. But this not an edit, this is fucking real, this is real music. We are really, really proud to have them on board. Watch out, there's more to come...

Do you like what you see? Then hurry up and grab a copy at...

Juno Records / from 15th May
deejay.de / from 22nd May

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nice reactions on DIKSO 009

Again, we got a lot of nice reactions on our recent remix release. Thank you guys and gals, we really appreciate your support, your chartings and features in all those articles, blogs and podcasts. And of course, keep on playing out this stuff, it's a wonderful feeling to spread something all over the world we really love, MUSIC!!! <3

We also got some chartings from Manik, Martin Hayes, Get Down Edits, The Legendary 1979 Orchestra, LeSale and many others. Also a really warm thank you for that, fellas.

And these are some of the comments, in no particular order...:

- Robert Owens: "Turning Slow, great track, great group of tracks and mixes"
- Jimpster: "Like the sound of the Soho808 track. will try it out."
- Craig Smith from 6th Borough Project: "Strong EP, hard to pick a fave on initial listens. All cuts will be getting played. Excellent tunes chaps!"
- Pional: "Just to let you know that i was listening this ep and its completely amazing, ace!"
- Trickski: "I am always looking forward to get dikso promos. they are just so much fun! all tracks are dope! love it!"
- The Revenge: "Cheers guys ... the Soho 808 and Duff Disco remixes are my favourite thanks."
- Chopstick: "All 4 tracks are damn solid! One of my favourite labels.. 2012 will be big for them!" and Johnjon added: "Love the Duff Disco tune"
- Catz n Dogz: "still 10 tons of love for your label guys!"
- Noir: "Really nice release. Will support."
- Sleazy Beats: "Wow, number 9 already? Time flies when you're having fun :-) Really nice collection of remixes, KRL's wonky remix should do serious damage when played at the right moment. Homework's remix is my favorite though, classy 90s Westcoast deephouse vibes."
- DJ T.: "Thank you for good music"
- Fred Everything: "Really enjoy the cheeky, french-touchy remix by Roberto"
- Alex Niggemann: "Quality as always!"
- Dirt Crew: "Big Up for Duff Disco! quality dope shit as always.. also the Soho 808 remix is real nice!"
- Nhan Solo: "I´ve fallen completetly in love with Dikso, my heart flitters on every release, please don´t tell my girlfriend."
- Till von Sein: "those 2 lil bastards from Amsterdizzle do it for me...great vibesand the DS & ADL remix is dope as well"
- Mario Aureo: "Great remix release - My fav is the Homework remix but also KRL and Solar de Luxe did a good job!"
- Mike from Kolour Recordings: "Words seem to fail me right now. Fresh new perspectives on previous dikso gems... wow... what a bona-fide treat. Every single remix is very special & picking a favorite is next to impossible. To sum it up best... everyone should do themselves a favor and pick this vinyl up. In-fact... Pick up two copies so when one wears out... you've got a fresh new one to put in it's place! tremendous release guys!"
- Jacques Renault: "Go go dikso - will play these guys for sure"
- Kruse & Nürnberg: "Digging all mixes. THANKS"
- Hot Since 82: "Larse track is cool, love roberto anyway... ace. Soho 808 is always really really cool, thanks guys will support"
- Nicholas: "Very strong release, especially the a1 track"
- Sasse: "Nice vibes, like robs remix and the homework perspective"
- Kiko Navarro: "Dikso is one of the labels that when i get a promo there is a big smile on my face, i like the way you are taking care of the high quality on each release. On This case my favourite is the Duff Disco, loving the deep chords and the atmosphere it creates."
- Adana Twins: "All tracks are super nice! Will play for sure."
- The Dead Rose Music Company: "Huge release, KRL is on fire as is Rob. boom"
- Tornado Wallace: "Liking the KRL remix. Thanks!"
- Norm de Plume: "Really like A1 & A2 nice and deep. Will be playing these two" and 20 minutes later he added: "Nice EP. A3 nice too , will play all 3..."
- Bicep: "KRL kills it, lovin the homework perspective" - David Magnier from The House Of Disco: "Really brilliant release! The A side totally blew me away! Well done guys, will be playing the hell out of these"
- Salvatore Freda: "B1 track is the one for me! love this early house feeling vibe...very very gooood one ! full support"
- Scope from Southwestseven: "Quality ep.. love the synth horn action on the solar remix!!"
- James Johnston: "Yet another superhot release!!! Every remixer comes up trumps here but the KRL mix just edges it for me....BOOM!!!"
- Satin Jackets: "A1 + B2 make me feel all giddy inside :o) Killer release!"
- Andres from Raw Cutz: "Cool remix package! Roberto Rodriguez and Daniel Solar & Andi de Luxe are for me."
- Toomy Disco: "Really nice set trax on this release. Will sit very nice in my deep house sets. Excellent production, very open minded. Great mood setters to open the evening. 10/10"
- Ali Ooft: "Wooo! KRL!!! Gonna be a big track for me. Digging Homework's deep remix as well."
- Show-B: "Booooom... another excellent release. really diggin A1 and B2... will be in one of the next CBLS. cheers."
- D-Pulse: "Daniel Solar & Andi de Luxe remix is what we need" Also some quotes from the blogosphere:
- keep-it-deep.blogspot.com: "The owners of Dikso recordings do a great job and release outstanding, genre-crossing music between lush disco and bouncey house."

P.S.: When I was writing this article, I had a first listening session with the final remix for the digital add-on package. Daniel and Aniya's track "Can You Really Know" got a big apple treatment from 50% of the soho808 guys, Dave Robertson and his girlfriend Alyssa. Must be a really harmonic relationship, the remix is unbelievable. Full of mystery and full of love, what is not a contradiction in terms. Love has always been a mystery to me. but it's there, for everyone of us. You don't believe in that? Can you really know...?

Andi 'the Sunday preacher man' de Luxe

Friday, March 2, 2012

DIKSO009 - V/A - Super Sound Single Remixes

Welcome to Dikso’s unbelievable before-and-after-show. Four contestants and four remix teams, four original stories that had to be continued and four results that had to be pressed on vinyl. And Dikso’s very own Daniel Solar was such a chatterbox that he produced a fifth story that will follow as a digital bonus.

A1 / Autodeep & Romorri - Make You Mine (KRL Remix)

I’m gonna make you mine, I’m gonna make you mine… That’s what Romorri said on Super Sound Single #4. And KRL, well known from the almighty Wolf Music Recordings label, beams him in a situation that made all dreams come true. The courtship has succeeded and Romorri, Autodeep & KRL are going mad on it. Definitely the most crazy piece of house music Dikso has ever released!

A2 / Larse – So Much Fun (Roberto Rodriguez Remix)

With “So Long” Larse is in everybody’s record case, Traktor playlist or download queue at the moment. On Dikso’s fifth Super Sound Single he delivered with “So Much Fun” his probably most disco- and funk-influenced track for years. Roberto Rodriguez from Finland added some straightness and a cool nordic attitude. So much rolling…

B1 / Duff Disco – I Won’t Forget (Homework Perspective)

Also more straightness for Duff Disco. Homework from Amsterdam touched his original in a very respectful way and present their deep and dope dancefloor perspective on Duff Disco’s original.

B2 / soho808 – Turning Slow feat. Lydia Caesar (Daniel Solar & Andi de Luxe Remix)

The hosts of Dikso take the back seat called B2. They sent Lydia and the boys from soho808 to the classic NY house scene before KBE Giuliani cleaned the city…

Grabe your copy...

Oye Records

Friday, January 27, 2012

DiKSO Podcast 11 - Nhan Solo

When you check out a podcast you will have a look at the tracklisting first. So, four of the first five track titles include the word "Love"? Any questions?

It's Nhan Solo from Berlin who joins us for podcast number eleven. He brings us some warm and deep slowmo disco mixed up with Janet, Liz and Lydia. Wanna meet the girls? Check out these 59 minutes of "Love".

Nhan runs the up and coming label Semester Musik, resident in the recent Beatport chart lists and different cases and harddisks of Berlin and not so Berlin deejays. He joins us at Dikso not only with this wonderful podcast, he will also be on our next Super Sound Single Vol. 7, coming up in April with some still top secret hot stuff from Mexico, Dortmund and London. And from Berlin, of course!

Also watch out for Nhan's new baby, a new label called Mother...

Feel free to visit him on...:


---> DOWNLOAD this mix HERE <---