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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

DiKSO Podcast 03 - Marc Poppcke

Let me tell you something about Marc Poppcke. Don't panic, I won't start with "how it all began", even though i could. And I don't want to tell you about his recent releases on ultracool labels like Jimpster's Freerange Records. And for sure I will not mention his international DJ gigs.

No, I will tell you about a guy that has always been this and that. Of course it's all about four to the floor, he even wrote an assignment about this fact. But sometimes it's house, sometimes it's techno and it's even trance. And this time it's disco. Or is it disco house? Minimal disco? Slowmo trance? Who cares? Marc doesn't! Everytime you thought you got him he is up for something more.

Be aware, this is nothing for purists (und das ist auch gut so!), here is DiKSO podcast number three...

DiKSO Podcast 03 - Marc Poppcke from DiKSO at Letsmix.com

DiKSO Podcast 03 - Marc Poppcke from DiKSO at Letsmix.com.


- Vincenzo & Elmar Schubert "Wanna Love You"
- Pet Shop Boys "West and Girls" (Osvaldo Wilson Edit)
- The Revenge "Looking Up To You"
- Tornado Wallace "Tornado Never Dies"
- Sister Sledge "Lost In Music" (The Revenge Rework)
- Arsenii "Break It Up" (DiKSO Edit)
- Daniel Solar "Stepped Into My Life"
- Marc Poppcke "Can't Hold Back My Love For Music"
- Joey Negro "Beyond The Dance" (The Revenge Demo Mix)
- Loose Fit "Chug" (Greg Wilson Remix)
- Xenon "Galaxy" (Idjut Boys Bonus Beats)
- Gary's Gang "Makin' Music" (DJ Estephe Fun Edit)
- Autodeep "Infernal Affair"
- 40 Thieves feat. Qzen "Don't Turn It Off"
- Sean Brosnan "Sat Jam" (Ray Mang Remix)
- Ray Mang "Look Into My Eyes"

Download this podcast here:

DiKSO Podcast 03 - Marc Poppcke

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