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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

DiKSO Edit 06 - Arsenii - Break It Up

After five edits from Germany, mostly Berlin, DiKSO goes international. Let me introduce "Arsenii" from Moscow.

Remember the time when Myspace seemed to be the brand new all in one promotion and communication tool for every musician worldwide? Seems that Soundcloud delivers what myspace promised. Instead of being spammed on every channel Soundcloud invites you to discover more and more interesting and promising talents, brothers in spirit or just some new music when your mp3 collection has got boring.

Arsenii is such a promising discovery. His musical range from ambient electronica and dubby techno scapes to melodic indietronic seems to include funk and disco as well. Editing Kurtis Blow's "The Breaks" shows his sense of style and a refreshing and ironic disrespect to a giant of rap. Here is Arsenii...

DiKSO Edit 06 - Arsenii - Break It Up by DiKSO Edits

Get the edit here:

Arsenii - Break It Up

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... Myspace
... Soundcloud

Monday, March 15, 2010

DiKSO Edit 05 - Daniel Solar - Got The Funk

Before we present the next podcast, here is the add-on kit to the former one: an exclusive Daniel Solar edit of Positive Force's "We Got The Funk".

Originally released in 1979 on the mighty "Sugar Hill Records" label that brought us "Grandmaster Flash", "West Street Mob" and of course the "Sugarhill Gang", it is a nice and relaxed disco funk mixture that might have influenced a lot of the early hip hop heads in their own work.

Daniel focussed on the groove, reduced the vocals to some of the shoutings and developed the refrain to an inescapable climax. First tests were successful completed, I am sure your homies will dig this...

DiKSO Edit 05 - Daniel Solar - Got The Funk by DiKSO Edits

Get the edit here:

Daniel Solar - Got The Funk

Friday, March 5, 2010

DiKSO Podcast 02 - Daniel Solar

Yeah, this is number two of our monthly DiKSO podcast series. Daniel Solar, famous for his releases on labels like "Diynamic Music" and 50% of the well-known producer duo "Solar & Poppcke", did this wonderful compilation of weirdo disco edit madness. Actually I wanted to present you my highlights of this mix but everytime I listen to it I have a new favourite. It gets fresher every day...

By the way, watch out for the new Daniel Solar 12" Super Sound Single on "Sleazy Beats" that will be released in summer and also watch out for an unreleased disco edit available here on DiKSO in a few weeks...

DiKSO Podcast 02 - Daniel Solar from DiKSO at Letsmix.com.


- The Herbaliser "Wall Crawling Giant Insect Breaks"
- The Love Supreme "Sugar" (Social Disco Club Remix)"
- Touch Sensitive "Body Stop"
- Vera "Special Treatment" (Kid Who Edit)
- The KDMS "Never stop believing"
- The Beatdown Soundmachine "Groove Is On My Mind" (LTJ X-Perience Mix)
- Hot Toddy feat. Ron Basejam "I Need Love"
- The Detroit Experiment "Think Twice" (Mark E Pressure Dub)
- Pulp Disco & The Outcasts "Witches"
- Ilija Rudman "Night People" (The Revenge Midnight Mix)
- Ichisan "Space Patrol"
- Fromage Disco "Acidic Strings" (DJ Agent 86's Old-School Reinvention)
- Tiger & Woods "Gin Nation"
- Lindstrøm and Christabelle "So Much Fun" (Dølle Jølle Remix)

Download the mix here:

DiKSO Podcast 02 - Daniel Solar

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DiKSO Edit 04 - André Capado - Might Fine

Ladies and gentleman please give him a warm welcome: André Capado. After some minimal and deep house releases on labels like Toyroom he did this wonderful fourth issue in our "DiKSO Edit" series.

This time "Might Fine" is the victim, an album-only track from Peter Jacques Band's second album "Welcome Back". When you think of their previous hyperactive uptempo tracks like "Fly With The Wind" "Might Fine" forms such a contrast with its laidback groove and soulful vocals. André lifted the tempo and cutted the vocals. He trimmed the whole track to fit both, disco and house dancefloors.

If you like this edit feel free to check André's myspace profile. And please check other productions and projects of Peter Jacques Band's mastermind Jacques Fred Petrus like "Change" or "Revanche", he really created some outstanding classics.

DiKSO Edit 04 - André Capado - Might Fine by Andre Capado

Archived Soundcloud comments:

DOWNLOAD the edit here: André Capado - Might Fine