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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

DIKSO 012 - Larse - GT EP (incl. Adana Twins Remix)

Yes, he is back!

Larse, who brought us “So Much Fun” and “Tonite”, two of the most wanted tracks on Dikso so far, returns with a complete EP full of discoloaden House and house driven Disco. Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines, this is the GT EP.

At this point, we want to thank Adana Twins and the Kruse & Nürnberg boys for their breathtaking remix work that made “Hot” hotter than hot...

And it got already some nice feedback and support from Sleazybeats, Exploited's Shir Khan, Trickski, Till von Sein, Roberto Rodriguez, Joyce Muniz, LTJ Xperience, Doctor Dru, Wildkats, LeSale, the boys from Kolour Recordings, Dicky Trisco and many many more. Thank you guys and girls, we love you all...

A1 / Dynamic Duo / TT 06:18

Disco house with muscles… Yes, this track is all about muscles. But not like Hulk or Arnold. Indeed… beefy, but still gracile. Like Bruce and Robin, the dynamic duo, just spandex superheroes.

A2 / Love Is The Answer / TT 07:15

More muscles and more love. Stringloaden and hopelessly cheesy. But with muscles, disco house with muscles. Oh, we had that before…

B1 / Hot (Adana Twins Twistin’ Bassline Remix) / TT 06:18

Three letters… H-O-T! Pure porn! Adana Twins were putting this through the mill, destiled and extracted the core elements with so much efficiency that “Hot” is not just a word, not just the title anymore. It IS hot!

B2 / Hot / TT 06:03

When Adana Twins are the climax, Larse’ original version is foreplay and afterplay into one. And as you may know… After the game is before the game. OK, Sepp meant something totally different.

Digital bonus track / Lay It / TT 06:06

Now that we have talked about love and hotness, GT cars and spandex, climax and afterplay, let’s stick to this. Lay It is the perfect track after all that bed work out. Relaxing, moody and giving you appetite for the next round.

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Monday, April 8, 2013

DiKSO Podcast 15 - Daniel Solar

Kids, it's podcast time!

Long time no see Mr. Solar. Daniel has been so busy with secret things for the even more secret Dikso underground organization that there was no time for a new mix. But here it is, 60 minutes of joy and happiness. Have fun...

 D O W N L O A D this mix here...