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Sunday, February 14, 2010

DiKSO Edit 03 - Andi de Luxe - Süpersenf

The music you can find here at DiKSO ist mostly what they call slow motion disco. But let us show you a different side. I am sure when "Supersempfft" released their album "Roboterwerke" (Robot Factory) in 1979 nobody was sure to categorize this correctly. Discogs says "Krautrock", somebody from "The Rolling Stone" forum talked about "a parody on disco music", I would describe it as "Excentric Synth-Pop". Give'em a try you will be surprised.

Especially one track kept drawing my attention with its sweet vocoder solo: "Out Of Time". This vocoder vocal is begging for a spotlight and it was a pleasure to get my scissors out. Here is "Süpersenf"...

DiKSO Edit 03 - Andi de Luxe - Süpersenf by Andi de Luxe

Get the edit here:

Andi de Luxe - Süpersenf

Saturday, February 6, 2010

DiKSO Edit 02 - Andi de Luxe - Juicy Rain

Oran 'Juice' Jones "The Rain"? Yes, this lovely black music pussy charmer from the 80s with that innocent acting rainy atmosphere. And mates, Jones wasn't that innocent, just have a look at the record cover. He should apply for a membership in Al Bundy's "No Ma'am" movement.

"The Rain" is the newest victim for my scissor treatment. It could have been so nice to write that the rainy weather outside inspired me to that edit, but it's bloody cold here in Berlin and we have loads of snow. Oh sorry, off topic. The tempo fits but there are way too much vocals in it. And as an old 80s afficionado I love the synth part in it. What a shame it's so short in the original. But not in my version...

DiKSO Edit 02 - Andi de Luxe - Juicy Rain by Andi de Luxe

Get the edit here:

Andi de Luxe - Juicy Rain

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

DiKSO Podcast 01 - Andi de Luxe

This is the first of our new monthly podcast starting with DiKSO founder Andi de Luxe. Expecting a mixture of orignial disco tracks on the one hand and some nice and new unreleased disco edits on the other hand. Enjoy it!

DiKSO Podcast 01 - Andi de Luxe from DiKSO at Letsmix.com.


- Kajagoogoo "Too Shy" (Midnight Mix)
- Duff Disco "Fame"
- 6th Borough Project "Do It To The Max"
- Rekid "Ill Discotto"
- B.W.H. "Stop"
- Linkwood "Falling"
- Oran 'Juice' Jones "The Rain" (Andi de Luxe Edit)
- René & Angela "I'll Be Good" (Instrumental)
- I:Cube "Falling"
- Eddie C. "Let Your Mind Be Free"
- Daniel Solar "La Fleur"
- Charles Mann "Shonuff No Funny Stuff Love" (Superbreak Edit)
- André Capado "Might Fine"
- Thomas Bangalter "Club Soda"
- Marc Poppcke "No One Can Stop Me Now"
- Gaznevada "Ticket To Los Angeles"

Download the mix here:
DiKSO Podcast 01 - Andi de Luxe

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

DiKSO Edit 01 - Marc Poppcke - No One Can Stop Me Now

One part of this blog is about new disco-edits. So I think it's time to start with it.
The first one is coming from MC Fadden & Whitehead and their big hit "Ain't no stoppin us now" on Philadelphia Records.
Released from their self-titled debut album in 1979, the song spent a week at number one on the R&B singles chart. It also proved to be a successful crossover hit, peaking at number thirteen on the Billboard Hot 100, and reached number 5 in the UK. The single also made it to number ten on the disco charts.The distinctive bass hook was played by Philadelphia International Records house musician Jimmy Williams. The song eventually sold over 2 million copies and went platinum.

I really like this cheesy and melodic disco track. Especially the bassline and the strings are awesome. That's why I decided to do a more up to date dj-friendly instrumental version of it, cutting out the main parts, adding some drum sounds and rearranged it with a lot of filter action ;-)

I hope you like it!

DiKSO Edit 01 - Marc Poppcke - No One Can Stop Me Now by DiKSO Edits

Get the track here:
Marc Poppcke - No One Can Stop Me Now