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Monday, March 15, 2010

DiKSO Edit 05 - Daniel Solar - Got The Funk

Before we present the next podcast, here is the add-on kit to the former one: an exclusive Daniel Solar edit of Positive Force's "We Got The Funk".

Originally released in 1979 on the mighty "Sugar Hill Records" label that brought us "Grandmaster Flash", "West Street Mob" and of course the "Sugarhill Gang", it is a nice and relaxed disco funk mixture that might have influenced a lot of the early hip hop heads in their own work.

Daniel focussed on the groove, reduced the vocals to some of the shoutings and developed the refrain to an inescapable climax. First tests were successful completed, I am sure your homies will dig this...

DiKSO Edit 05 - Daniel Solar - Got The Funk by DiKSO Edits

Get the edit here:

Daniel Solar - Got The Funk

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