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Friday, August 6, 2010

Dikso Records 001 - Super Sound Single Volume 1

Dikso gets physical. Right before we celebrate the 10th DiKSO Edit, we have something special for you: the first Dikso release on vinyl, real vinyl. Vinyl to play, to collect, to hold in your hands, to love. Speaking of love, in the last months we have met a lot of very talented guys (and only one gal - say hi to Maggie...) all over the internet and we have listened to so much lovely music. So we decided to use another medium that represent these tracks in their full glory: the good old vinyl. Don't get us wrong, we still like the internet as the most democratic option to provide music. But sometimes you have to create things that last longer. Future archeologists will exhume analog media like photos and vinyls as well as illegible hard disks and CDs, and guess which will have survived?

Our first issue is a mini compilation 12inch with three tracks called "Super Sound Single Volume 1". These three tracks come from all over the world: Australia, Italy and the USA.

A: Francis Inferno Orchestra - So Divine

Griffin James from Melbourne, Australia created this incredible disco stomper with a slight eighties touch that made the girls go wild on every party I played this out so far. Including lovely vocals and a so so cute piano it beams you straight to an island of your dreams. What a divine imagination...

DIKSO 001 A - Francis Inferno Orchestra - So Divine (Snippet) by DiKSO Edits

B1: Nicholas - Never

Nicholas from Perugia, Italy does something completly different. No disco, no glamour, pure sex on wax. A relaxed but pumpin house groove, a bassline that massages your stomach and a broken-hearted girl that you have to solace right now. If this is not the stuff wet dreams are made of...

DIKSO 001 B1 - Nicholas - Never (Snippet) by DiKSO Edits

B2: NoRequests - Jonesin' For You

The third track is something very, very special. Matthew McDonald, soundcloud's uncrowned king of funk and soul edits, has reduced a secret soul classic to its slowed down and effective groove, bringing in rich horns, juicy strings and some really soulful vocals from someone who is jonesin' for you. And you... And you...

DIKSO 001 B2 - NoRequests - Jonesin' For You (Snippet) by DiKSO Edits

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