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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Great feedback on DIKSO 002

Round two...

The reactions on our first Dikso release were amazing, thanks fellas for all your support. Now, DIKSO 002 has hit the shops and again, the reactions are great. This time the comments were so detailed, nice one. We really appreciate that and I do not want to keep the following quotes from you:

- Craig Smith from 6th Borough Project: "All tracks dope but real feeling Breaking Bad......dopeness!"
- Ali Ooft: "Wow! Another winner from Dikso! All tracks are ace"
- Kris Percy from Sleazy Beats: "Really feeling all the tunes on it..." and Monsieur Monod added: "Another superb package that is sure to cement your rep in beatdown disco land."
- John Talabot: "Hey I really like your releases, this time my favourite is Alkalino & Blacklodge"
- Jimpster: "Really nice sounding release!"
- Daniel from Trickski: "Premium material, once again! [...] I love it!"
- Dicky Trisco: "Without You is definitely one of my tracks of the moment. Would go anywhere without it! "
- LTJ Experience: "Dikso vol. 2 continue in the right direction !!!!!! All tracks are perfect for the true party !!!!"
- Alex Niggemann: "Awesome tunes here...Full support!"
- Tornado Wallace: Thanks for this. Will be playing the Daniel Solar track over the Australian summer"
- Hauke Freer from Session Victim: "Great record! [...] Get us a vinyl please"
- Cottam: "Really really good package here guys. [...] Can't wait for the wax to come out"
- Social Disco Club: "Super Ep! All tracks are ace"
- Justin from Kolour Recordings: "Takes me back to a time where music was music and we could all be in a loft and just dance the night away. Good work lads!" and Mike added: "Altogether this EP is definitely the real deal"
- The Noodleman: "One more solid EP from DIKSO, will definitely play/chart all tracks!"
- DJ Ionik from Kojak Giant Sounds: "Loving the synth-ladden "Breaking Bad" joint, timeless groove in this one!"

And many thanks to all others...!!!

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