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Friday, March 4, 2011

Dikso Records 004 - Super Sound Single Volume 4

OUT OUT OUT... we are so so happy to announce our fourth little baby, Super Sound Single Volume 4 with four new tracks to warm your heart, kick your ass, shake your hips and perhaps all in one.

Welcome Ali OOFT!, the producer of maybe the best MJ edit ever, who delivers all but disco and edits. Welcome Autodeep from our home town Hannover who were teaming up with the former NY Broadway musical actor Robb Morris. Welcome soho808, not from the Broadway but from NYC, with their vinyl debut and... Welcome my good friend and Dikso partner Daniel Solar.

A1: OOFT! - Hit For Six

Hypnotic slowmo builder with a nice junoesque analog feel that builds and builds and builds. Quality work from Glasgow's Ali Ooft, bosom buddy of The Revenge and label manager of Foto Recordings and L.E.S.S. Recordings.

DIKSO004 A1 - OOFT! - Hit For Six (Snippet) by DiKSO Edits

A2: Autodeep & RoMorri - Make You Mine

Hannover's Autodeep teaming up with falsetto voice Romorri from Cologne for something deep and slinky that will attract the girls and some boys as well. And sometimes a 303 is able to add what words can't express. Erotic stuff...

DIKSO004 A2 - Autodeep & RoMorri - Make You Mine (Snippet) by DiKSO Edits

B1: Daniel Solar - Baby's Tears

Dikso goes peak time! Driving disco house from Dikso landlord Daniel Solar. Nice vocal breaks and smooth filter action for ultimate dancefloor pleasure, BAM!

DIKSO004 B1 - Daniel Solar - Baby's Tears (Snippet) by DiKSO Edits

B2: soho808 - Get Up Disco

soho808 from New York City provide this erotic piece of slowmo disco. The perfect late night soundtrack to score the girls.

DIKSO004 B2 - soho808 - Get Up Disco (Snippet) by DiKSO Edits

The first reactions are great, thank you guys for all this support. We love YOU :-)

- Tensnake: "Amazing record, full support!"
- Craig Smith from 6th Borough Project: "Solid package, all cuts work for me. To be honest every ep 's been a winner for me."
- Jimpster: "Loving the sound of the Soho808 track."
- Ali Ooft: "Yet another really strong selection! The Autodeep & Romorri track is super dope!"
- Tornado Wallace: "Great EP. Liking all four tracks. Favourite being Daniel Solar's."
- Guy from Sleazybeats: "Nice going guys, another great release. Daniel's track is the pick of the bunch for me" and Monsieur Monod added: "Roar! Dikso strikes again, another smashing release guys, congrats. I'm all over Daniel's tune here, but also am feeling the Autodeep & Romorri cut"
- Daniel from Trickski: "Make you mine: Pure Sleazyness... Sweet! OOFT with more BOOOM... superb package as always!"
- Justin from Kolour Recordings: "Where do I start! OOFT start things off with a slow building, hypnotic workout full of layers perfect to tease even the most seasoned disco warrior. Daniel continues showing why he is fast becoming a rising star in the world of things funky with a very proper sliced up piece of work. But I saved perhaps the best for last..... and thank you for introducing me to something new in soho808! What a beautiful track and easily the standout of the EP for me! It has the blend of tempo, sultry vocals, and lush chords that make me wanna smile every time I listen. Another fine piece of work from the Dikso camp!" and Mike added: "By now, dikso's quality is a forgone conclusion and dikso004 just reinforces that notion once again. you literally can't go wrong with any single cut on here but for me personally."
- Jozif": Holy Cow!!!These are absolute killers-Babys Tears in immense!!!
- Social Disco Club: "Great EP, dig all the tracks."
- Catz n Dogz: "Thanks great record, my fav is def the B side !!"
- LTJ Xperience: "Thanks for another top DIKSO release! Great stuff as always!"
- Nicholas: "This release is huge!"
- Toomy Disco: "Keep growing and growing!... the 4 tracks are fully playable! Another big bomb from Dikso trademark. Peace."
- Alex Niggemann: "Awesome release again! Full Support"
- Duff Disco: "Sweet ass groove on make you mine!"
- James Johnston: "Superb EP! Great mix of tracks...HOT!! The one for me is the AliOOFT! track...my kinda groove!!...but I'd definitely find a place to play all of them....top work again Dikso!!"
- DJ Ionik from Kojak Giant Sounds: "Dikso camp bringing their usual; a quality four-tracker with solid options to choose from to set the floor off. Much props."
- Cottam: "Another great 4 tracker, great work guys."
- Cole Medina: "Daniel Solar's mix is probably my fav"
- Dicky Trisco: "Liking the sound of Get Up Disco on this one. Will support."
- Noodleman: "This is A MUST ep for anyone who want's to get a taste of a real modern house is."
- Huxley: "Really nice ep here. Daniel's and the soho808 tracks are the best for me. But the whole release oozes quality."
- Andy Hart: "Full of soul :) OOFT! is pretty serious though!"
- Alkalino: "Another fine piece of vinyl, Autodeep & Soho are my favs!"

Here are some shops where you can order your personal copy...

Juno Records
Phonica Records
Piccadilly Records
Decks Records

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