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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Nice reactions on DIKSO 009

Again, we got a lot of nice reactions on our recent remix release. Thank you guys and gals, we really appreciate your support, your chartings and features in all those articles, blogs and podcasts. And of course, keep on playing out this stuff, it's a wonderful feeling to spread something all over the world we really love, MUSIC!!! <3

We also got some chartings from Manik, Martin Hayes, Get Down Edits, The Legendary 1979 Orchestra, LeSale and many others. Also a really warm thank you for that, fellas.

And these are some of the comments, in no particular order...:

- Robert Owens: "Turning Slow, great track, great group of tracks and mixes"
- Jimpster: "Like the sound of the Soho808 track. will try it out."
- Craig Smith from 6th Borough Project: "Strong EP, hard to pick a fave on initial listens. All cuts will be getting played. Excellent tunes chaps!"
- Pional: "Just to let you know that i was listening this ep and its completely amazing, ace!"
- Trickski: "I am always looking forward to get dikso promos. they are just so much fun! all tracks are dope! love it!"
- The Revenge: "Cheers guys ... the Soho 808 and Duff Disco remixes are my favourite thanks."
- Chopstick: "All 4 tracks are damn solid! One of my favourite labels.. 2012 will be big for them!" and Johnjon added: "Love the Duff Disco tune"
- Catz n Dogz: "still 10 tons of love for your label guys!"
- Noir: "Really nice release. Will support."
- Sleazy Beats: "Wow, number 9 already? Time flies when you're having fun :-) Really nice collection of remixes, KRL's wonky remix should do serious damage when played at the right moment. Homework's remix is my favorite though, classy 90s Westcoast deephouse vibes."
- DJ T.: "Thank you for good music"
- Fred Everything: "Really enjoy the cheeky, french-touchy remix by Roberto"
- Alex Niggemann: "Quality as always!"
- Dirt Crew: "Big Up for Duff Disco! quality dope shit as always.. also the Soho 808 remix is real nice!"
- Nhan Solo: "I´ve fallen completetly in love with Dikso, my heart flitters on every release, please don´t tell my girlfriend."
- Till von Sein: "those 2 lil bastards from Amsterdizzle do it for me...great vibesand the DS & ADL remix is dope as well"
- Mario Aureo: "Great remix release - My fav is the Homework remix but also KRL and Solar de Luxe did a good job!"
- Mike from Kolour Recordings: "Words seem to fail me right now. Fresh new perspectives on previous dikso gems... wow... what a bona-fide treat. Every single remix is very special & picking a favorite is next to impossible. To sum it up best... everyone should do themselves a favor and pick this vinyl up. In-fact... Pick up two copies so when one wears out... you've got a fresh new one to put in it's place! tremendous release guys!"
- Jacques Renault: "Go go dikso - will play these guys for sure"
- Kruse & Nürnberg: "Digging all mixes. THANKS"
- Hot Since 82: "Larse track is cool, love roberto anyway... ace. Soho 808 is always really really cool, thanks guys will support"
- Nicholas: "Very strong release, especially the a1 track"
- Sasse: "Nice vibes, like robs remix and the homework perspective"
- Kiko Navarro: "Dikso is one of the labels that when i get a promo there is a big smile on my face, i like the way you are taking care of the high quality on each release. On This case my favourite is the Duff Disco, loving the deep chords and the atmosphere it creates."
- Adana Twins: "All tracks are super nice! Will play for sure."
- The Dead Rose Music Company: "Huge release, KRL is on fire as is Rob. boom"
- Tornado Wallace: "Liking the KRL remix. Thanks!"
- Norm de Plume: "Really like A1 & A2 nice and deep. Will be playing these two" and 20 minutes later he added: "Nice EP. A3 nice too , will play all 3..."
- Bicep: "KRL kills it, lovin the homework perspective" - David Magnier from The House Of Disco: "Really brilliant release! The A side totally blew me away! Well done guys, will be playing the hell out of these"
- Salvatore Freda: "B1 track is the one for me! love this early house feeling vibe...very very gooood one ! full support"
- Scope from Southwestseven: "Quality ep.. love the synth horn action on the solar remix!!"
- James Johnston: "Yet another superhot release!!! Every remixer comes up trumps here but the KRL mix just edges it for me....BOOM!!!"
- Satin Jackets: "A1 + B2 make me feel all giddy inside :o) Killer release!"
- Andres from Raw Cutz: "Cool remix package! Roberto Rodriguez and Daniel Solar & Andi de Luxe are for me."
- Toomy Disco: "Really nice set trax on this release. Will sit very nice in my deep house sets. Excellent production, very open minded. Great mood setters to open the evening. 10/10"
- Ali Ooft: "Wooo! KRL!!! Gonna be a big track for me. Digging Homework's deep remix as well."
- Show-B: "Booooom... another excellent release. really diggin A1 and B2... will be in one of the next CBLS. cheers."
- D-Pulse: "Daniel Solar & Andi de Luxe remix is what we need" Also some quotes from the blogosphere:
- keep-it-deep.blogspot.com: "The owners of Dikso recordings do a great job and release outstanding, genre-crossing music between lush disco and bouncey house."

P.S.: When I was writing this article, I had a first listening session with the final remix for the digital add-on package. Daniel and Aniya's track "Can You Really Know" got a big apple treatment from 50% of the soho808 guys, Dave Robertson and his girlfriend Alyssa. Must be a really harmonic relationship, the remix is unbelievable. Full of mystery and full of love, what is not a contradiction in terms. Love has always been a mystery to me. but it's there, for everyone of us. You don't believe in that? Can you really know...?

Andi 'the Sunday preacher man' de Luxe

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