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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIKSOF 011 - Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul - Faith EP

This is the first EP in a row of new Dikso EPs coming up in 2013. Later on this year, a remix EP with still top secret remixes is about to follow.

January is an exciting month, isn’t it? When I am writing these words the January transfer window in European football is still open… but I don’t want to bore you with off-topic details because the most important transfer in 2013 has already wrapped up: Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul signed to Dikso. Not a multi-million-dollar-deal as seen on Sky Sports but wait to see them in action.

Here we have their first release, a real beauty of an EP. Three tracks just made to tease out your first spring fever feelings. Let your love go…

01 / Faith / TT 07:53

An ode to love and friendship and a beast of an earworm. If you don’t have to smile at this track you are ice cold. I said “Ice cold”… or one of those serious rap guys. Don’t be a serious rap guy. They really don’t know what they are missing in their life…

02 / Terra Cutter / TT 07:16

Starting as a soulful groover “Terra Cutter” develops to a deep and arresting trip for your heart and your hips. Just see for yourself what undogmatic deep house can be these days.

03 / Walk On Us / TT 07:13

This could have been Norwegian, or from the south sea, or just from a dancefloor near you. Take a raw bass and some of these fluffy piano chords that make the balearic sound sounding so… balearic. My favourite track on this EP. Unfortunately we don’t have a B2 position to offer.

You can catch these beauties at all digital stores. Sorry digital only this time...





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