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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

DIKSOF 013 - Roberto Calzetta & Twin Soul - Faith EP Remixes

Such a beauty of a remix package… featuring Hannes Fischer and Marc Poppcke from Berlin and LeSale from Vienna.
Return of the faith… Three remixes, especially made for the forthcoming open air season. So, open your heart as wide as possible, drink a bottle of good wine and give some love to the one(s) next to you.

01 / Faith (LeSale Remix) / TT 06:51
The first remix comes from Vienna’s finest export at the moment: LeSale. After great releases on Luv Shack Records and even bigger remixes for Megadon Betamax and Volta Cab we didn’t expect anything less. But listen for yourself. Goosebumps galore…

02 / Faith (Hannes Fischer Remix) / TT 07:00
Up next is the master of pop minimalism: Hannes Fischer. His underground edits of Röyksopp, Adele and others gained a lot of clicks and fame. The Adele edit had almost 200k of plays on Soundcloud… Wow! No wonder that even Lana Del Rey asked for a remix treatment on her “Summertime Madness” single release and Alex Barck from Jazzanova signed him right away to the Sonar Kollektiv roster. Fortunately we were early enough to ask him for a remix before we had to close our number account in Switzerland to afford his work.

03 / Walk On Us (Marc Poppcke Remix) / TT 07:30
What a pleasure to have our good friend and musical companion Marc Poppcke on board. He shows us how to go mad when a party has already moved outside the club and inside the hearts of all these jerking bodies that still can’t stop and totally forgot to go home. Abstract disco for advanced dancefloors.

Support by:
Adana Twins, Animal Trainer, Giom, Sleaty McQueen, Dabonair, Wildkats, Jay West, Madmotor Miquel, Satin Jackets, Raxon, Roberto Rodriguez, Cocolores, Fabo, Viadrina, Miguel Puente, Mousse T., Johnwaynes, Oliver Schories, Nhan Solo, Betoko, Tensnake, Shir Khan, Alex Niggemann, Dead Rose Music Company, Soul Minority, Kruse&Nürnberg, Leftside Wobble, and many more...


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