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Thursday, October 27, 2011

DIKSO 007 - Manolo - Night Rhythm '11

Manolo is Roberto Rodriguez and Roberto Rodriguez is Manolo. Dikso is pleased as punch to present you thee highlight of the livesets that Roberto played over the last months at different festivals and club events. It is the closing track “Night Rhythm” that already gained highly interest on every social media platform around. The wait is over, here it is.

A1 - Night Rhythm

Love, love, love...

A2 - Night Rhythm (Daniel Solar & Andi de Luxe Remix)

Less love, more pressure, Dikso treatment galore!

B1 - Night Rhythm (Dub)

Less vocals, more love...

B2 - Night Rhythm (Daniel Solar & Andi de Luxe Dub)

Less love, even more pressure...

If you like what you hear, grab your copy...


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