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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Controverse reactions on DIKSO007 - Manolo - Night Rhythm '11

As you may have noticed, Dikso likes to cross the boundaries of good taste from time to time. And if we love a rework of a cheesy nineties dance anthem, we will release it.

We have never received so many reactions on a release as on Manolo's "Night Rhythm". More than 10.000 plays on Roberto's soundcloud really impressed us. Most of them were thrilled but some people were rather irritated. Phonica reviewed it in their online-store like that: "This love-it-or-hate-it track..." and "a less tacky version of a guilty pleasure or the proof that nu-disco has become the new funky house....answers on a postcard!" Guys, we looove to entertain you... :-)

Fortunately, chartings and massive airplay from Tensnake, Jody Wisternoff, Ooft!, Chopstick & Johnjon, Jacques Renault, Marc Poppcke and DFA's Justin Miller showed that there are people out there who share our strange sense of humour. Also a million thanks to André Langenfeld and Shir-Khan from Radio Fritz and Larse from Einslive for their great support. And Tensnake for promoting it on his facebook page which generated more than 150 likes within 24 hours...

And here is the unavoidable hall of fame:

- Tensnake: "Brilliant!"
- Soul Clap: "Can't wait to see the crowd reaction!"
- The Revenge: "Dubs for me..."
- Daniel from Trickski: "Fun, fun, fun!" and Yannick added: "Hugh release [...] will play both versions"
- Chopstick: "I love Dikso! Been playing all the releases so far!!!" and Johnjon added: "HOLY SHIT! [...] The Solar & de Luxe Remix will find its place in a lot of our sets!"
- Guy from Sleazy Beats: "Not so keen on the vocal mixes but both dubs will destroy dancefloors I reckon." and Kris added: "I honestly can't get into the vocal cuts because they really remind me of that awful uber pop dance track that played non-stop on the radio in the 80s (or 90s?). Will give the dubs some action though!"
- Ali Ooft: "Gotta be Andi & Daniels Dub mix for me. Big track."
- Francis Inferno Orchestra: "Absolutely fantastic, 10/10 the whole package is A+++"
- Catzn Dogz: "Fantastic release!!"
- Till von Sein: "Damn.. the vocal sucks.. biiiig time! but the dubs are cool"
- Jody Wisternoff from Way Out West: "Will be hammering this till the cows come home :)"
- Danny Howells: "Been DYING to get my hands on this groovy little f***er!!"
- Alex Niggemann: "Nice musix for a special moment!"
- Dirt Crew: "This is Amazing!!! good times all over"
- Jef K. "Waaaa yes yes cant believe u guys did this!!! LOOOL this is great music by the wayy... full support!!!"
- David August: "Cool!"
- KRL: "Yes!! guaranteed party smasher, going straight in the [...] bag for this weekend."
- Kiko Navarro: "First reaction was an smile on my face [...] this one is thousand times better than the original. Now its a bit special situation to play this mix even the work is excellent because of the vox, depende where and how can be a bit too..."
- Mike from Kolour Recordings: "What a great package and potential for record of 2011! go go go"
- Social Disco Club: "Sounds like a hit.."
- Jacques Renault: "Oh hell yes. [...] Great release, I'll be playing this for sure."
- Pional: "Amazing!"
- soho808: "Love the old school pianos and vibes!"
- DJ Harri: "Liking this, especially daniel solar mixes"
- Homework: "Loving the original and dub. Charting this right away."
- Soul Minority: "Instant smile on your face!"
- Salvatore Freda: "Wow! didn't expect to that one.... very like the dub version!!!"
- Autodeep: "Crossing over 70's disco and 80's chicago vibes with 90's trash vocals? YESSSSSSSS :D Right up our alley!"
- Toomy Disco: "Amazing vibes! 10/10 keep doin' this."
- DJ Ionik from Kojak Giant Sounds: "Bravo! [...] if this thing doesn t get the party going you re most likely playing to a bunch of Perussuomalaiset. 10/10."
- Sleazy McQueen: "This is ridiculously top notch material."
- Scope aka Southwestseven: "RR Vocal mix for me.. BOMB!"
- Show B.: "Well yeah... that's an anthem right there."
- Satin Jackets: "Oooooooooohhhhh... I am getting ze goosebumps! Vonderfullllll :D"
- Andres Bela from Raw Cutz: "Really like this release! All The tracks works for me."
- Mario Aureo: "Awesome!"
- David from House Of Disco: "This is one will remain in my favourites for the forseeable future"

This was fun. Next... DIKSO008 with tracks from Social Disco Club, Kitano aka Andy Hart, soho808 and Satin Jackets. Watch out...

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