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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

DIKSO 008 - V/A - Super Sound Single Volume 6

The last Dikso... for 2011... with an intercontinental selection: Social Disco Club from Portugal, Kitano (aka Andy Hart) from Australia, soho808 feat. Lydia Caesar from NYC and Satin Jackets from Germany.

All tracks in one go...

DIKSO008 - Super Sound Single Volume 6 by Dikso Records

...and for the very first time with individual video art for every single track:

A1 / Social Disco Club – You Got To Stay / TT 06:40

Yes, Dikso got him. After they have laid the baits out for such a long time, Humberto Matias from Portugal went finally on it and delivers a totally weird style bastard that defines disco house in a complete new way: House is not adopting disco anymore, disco is adopting house. Welcome to the Social Disco Club.

- DJ Ionik from Traveller / Kojak Giant Sounds: "Personally the best Dikso 12" yet - a true 4-tracker with not a filler in sight. 'You Got To Stay' will blow people away "
- Huxley: "Social disco club is big! will definitely be playing that."
- ShirKhan from Exploited Records: "The Social Disco Club Track is always in my box. Interesting marriage of UK Garage Bass-Sounds meets Disco. Love it."

A2 / Kitano – For The King / TT 07:10

A track like a fairytale. Imagine a proud father that sends his most beautiful daughter to the king’s castle. Her whole life, her education, everything has been arranged for the king. Surely the speaker in Kitano’s track means something totally different but the story could have been so so nice… At least as nice as the track.

- Ali Ooft: "Feeling the Kitano joint the most, thats some lo-slung biz right there! Dikso keeps on rolling!"
- Chris Lattner: "For the king is awesome!!!!!! a real killer!"
- Homework: "Especially Kitano's For The King is our cup of tea. That special Dikso flavor, as always."

B1 / soho808 – Turning Slow feat. Lydia Caesar / TT 06:05

Bootsy, fasten your seatbelts, soho808 are back. After they led Dikso with “Get Up Disco” from Super Sound Single #4 to their first feature on a Fabric longplayer ever, here is the follow up. More funk than disco and lots more catchy than ever, Nathaniel and Dave teamed up with this so great chanteuse called Lydia Caesar and created a high potential dancefloor filler for all the ladies. The boys will follow.for sure!

- Daniel from Trickski: "Another great package once again!" and Yannick added: "Only burners!!!! you dikso guys are really growing stronger with every release! soho 808 is my fave here. thanks!"
- Larse: "Hard to pick a fav, think it's the soho808 jam!! Boogie Oogiee"
- Sasse: "Turning into a Soho808 fan, nice dirty groove going on here again, will play !"

B2 / Satin Jackets – Girl, Forever / TT 07:25

As always Dikso keeps the B2 position for the pearls. Satin Jackets tried to put as much romance as possible in every single sound, even in the name of the track. Don’t call it kitschy, this is the perfect first aid against all the dark feelings, depressions and cold days that we will have to survive the next months in the northern hemisphere. Pure love!

- Craig Smith from 6th Borough Project: "Loving all the cuts, hard to pick a fave, probably Satin Jackets on initial listens."
- Dirt Crew: "Big up for the Satin Jackets groove ! smooth as hell :)"
- Kiko Navarro: "Loving the first chords on Satin Jackets, loving how they develope the track, very nice surprise to close the EP. Thanks a lot!"

grab your copy...


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