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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

HODDIK1 - House Of Dikso Compilation - OUT NOW!

What happens when two of the freshest labels join forces........this, the "House of Dikso". While so many labels chose to compete and run parallel to each other the boys over at Dikso and House of Disco Records have decided to bridge the gap and work together to bring us 12 of the best tracks they can get their mits on. Rammed full of emerging talent and established producers 'House of Dikso', the first in a series of label collaborations, aims to showcase sounds from the spectrum of disco and house, remaining ever optimistic and uplifting. Initially a digital release the 4 most popular tracks will then be pressed onto a limited edition vinyl. If the history of these two labels is anything to go by this will have more gems on it then Lady Gaga's bra. 

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01 / Finnebassen - Bleedin Out / TT 7:12

Norways rising star has been making waves with his 2 latest releases, one of which topped beatports charts for weeks. His style is pure atmosphere and almost eerie in nature, Bleedin Out reinforces his sound. This track is stripped down to essential elements leaving the vocals to stand out and the bassline to ripple through your sensibilities.


02 / Nhan Solo – Hey Girl! / TT 6:32

Recently providing tracks to Hamburg's 'DIYnamic' label and Dikso has propelled Nhan Solo into to path of many house-heads. This offering is a more low slung affair, sultry and loaded with spadefuls of 70's porno sleaze this one should make it into your sex mix.


03 / Luminodisco - Dreaming Siam / TT 6:58

Having previously released on House of Disco Records Luminodisco's adept production skills have already been established. This time around he's given us a meaty, woozy, charming track that rolls over and over, developing more personality with every revolution. Its dense sound punctuated by key changes and a tonal but addictive vocal sample.


04 / Daniel Solar – Hush / TT 6:19

Fresh off the back of a release on Instruments of Rapture, Daniel Solar's track 'Hush' is a moody pulsing house excursion. Twirling vocals and a muscular bassline and kick give this track a hypnosis and drive that is testament to his production skill and detriment to you remaining sitting down.


05 / Monitor 66 – Masséna / TT 4:56

House of Disco's latest find Monitor 66, hailing from Sweden, make sunset inspired music. This melodic laid-back track will make sunset last a lot longer than it should. The arrangement of this track makes it a standout soundtrack to your summer. Using a popular vocal from the 90's to tease your memory, can you guess what it is?


06 / Andrea Britton & Alexander Roggendorf - Not Before I See You First (Andi de Luxe Remix) / TT 6:59

This remix by the other half of the Dikso duo injects some gloss into the compilation with some saturated sunny notes. A poppy vocal is the catalyst for the feel of this track. Its is the kind of thing that goes well with sand, soundsystems and sunglasses.


07 / Alex Niggemann & Daniel Solar feat. Natalie Claude - Moments / TT 6:11

Having just released his album Alex Niggemann has teamed up with Dikso bossman Daniel Solar and honey voiced Natalie Claude to deliver an uptempo but classy bomb with soul. With a grounded warm vocal and spacey synths you find yourself suspended in mid-air somewhere between the two, with a smile on your face.


08 / Tesla Boy - In Your Eyes (Satin Jackets Remix) / TT 8:29

Russia's Tesla Boy and Satin Jackets seems like a perfect match. This epic track provokes a real emotional response, Tesla Boys vocals lend themselves perfectly to Satin Jackets detailed production style to create something that can make a grown man leak a sneaky tear.


09 / Unsui – Anata / TT4:22

Emerging talent Unsui creates a vintage but lush soundscape of contemplation house. An insanely catchy groove is pierced by a synth that's straight out of Blade Runner. Not in a rush this tracks confidence and dynamics clear your head while at the same time making your hairs stand on end.


10 / Dublin Aunts - Near Me Now / TT 6:13

Melbourne based duo Dublin Aunts are on the rise. 'Near me now' is a boogie infused house stomper. Strong Hi-Hats and a hooky bassline proves that you don't need to over complicate a track, quality over quantity. Uplifting synths and 'that vocal' will you you boogieing into the early hours.


11 / Satin Jackets - I Like To Watch You Sleep / TT 9:18

Being the only artists to release on both House of Disco and Dikso Satin Jackets is one artist that simply had to be involved in this compilation. All of his tracks are impossibly warm, forging a smile on the most stringent of faces. 'I like to watch you sleep' is a lullaby of optimism and charm.


12 / Volta Cab - What It Feels Like / TT 3:32

“Prolific” doesn't even come close to describing Volta Cab's output. He takes a break from his harder, throwback house productions to woo us with 'What if feels like'. This track is all about atmosphere, it replicates the moment before you lean in to kiss someone special for the first time. So pucker up.

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